Tiffany Musselman, owner of Flawless Aesthetics and WellnessTiffany Musselman knows that beauty, like running a business, doesn’t just happen. That’s why she consulted the Longwood SBDC before launching Flawless Aesthetics and Wellness in South Hill in August 2021.

Tiffany’s interest in skin care and beauty started in high school.

“My first job was at a makeup counter,” she says. “What I loved about that job was making people feel good.”

Tiffany started her career as a registered nurse in 2005 and became an advanced practice nurse in 2008.

“After 10 years as a healthcare executive, however, I realized aesthetics was a better match for me,” she says.

In 2019 Tiffany decided to step out on her own.

“I wanted to do things right,” Tiffany says. “In searching for support, I found Katherine Beale who also lives in South Hill.”

Beale joined Longwood SBDC as a contract consultant in 2020.

“Katherine wanted to know all about my business plan,” Tiffany relates. “That’s where we started.”

The first suggestion Katherine made was a game changer.

Flawless Aesthetics and Wellness“The business name I’d picked was in French and hard to spell,” Tiffany relates. “Katherine said a name should be easy to remember. She was right — I’m so glad I took her advice.”

The next step was to test the feasibility of an aesthetics business in South Hill. A canvas of the community confirmed its viability.

With a sound business foundation in place, Tiffany opened in August 2021.

“I also set up a satellite clinic in Chesterfield,” she adds. “Pretty quickly we opened a third location in Richmond.”

While aesthetics is often linked to celebrity makeovers, Tiffany’s goal goes back to her makeup counter days. She wants people to feel good about how they look.

“Most clients want to make minor improvements that look natural — something we love to do,” she adds.

Since last August, Flawless Aesthetics has served 750 clients.

Tiffany credits advice from the Longwood SBDC for much of that success.

“From a business standpoint, the advice I received from Katherine Beale is valuable, but what makes it special is the personal touch,” Tiffany concludes. “It’s nice to have support from someone who not only cares about your business but also cares about you.”