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When you hear the phrase “The American Dream,” the first things that usually come to mind are owning a home and owning a small business. This information is designed to give prospective small business owners a superficial overview of what it takes to make the dream a reality. It is impossible to cover all aspects of launching an entrepreneurial endeavor, so this information is focused mainly on obtaining capital. The concepts discussed will also be helpful to existing small business owners planning an expansion or looking for financing to solve a business problem.

The best preparation for starting a business is several years of business education, followed by several more years of business experience. (Try it out with someone else’s money first.) So, we shall assume that after a few years in the “Rat Race” you have decided to become an entrepreneur.

Since 1989, the SBDC has served thousands of new and existing business owners through the core competencies of our staff, which are easily accessible in person or via live weblink at any of the five Longwood SBDC offices.