Refocus 2021 is a pilot initiative to engage a select number of businesses and their management teams in structured consulting, peer to peer networking, and upon completion of the program, potential access to financial and/or marketing incentives.

The goal of this program is to increase the sustainability of local small businesses and, over time, increase the economic impact of these businesses through increased sales, employment and capital investment.

During this program Longwood SBDC will work with small businesses to provide the following:

  • Thorough assessments of the market positioning, operations, strengths and opportunities of the business.
  • Development of an action plan with concrete steps for both consultant and business owner/management team.
  • Structured followup with consultation team.
  • Peer to Peer learning opportunities.

The program is free courtesy of funding from the Small Business Administration through the CARES Act.

Business incentives will be available via a partnership with Farmville Downtown Partnership and the Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce.

The team leading the consulting effort includes Dr. Vince Magnini (Institute for Service Research and contract SBDC consultant) and Ilsa Loeser (Owner, Letterpress Communications and contract SBDC consultant). Magnini and Loeser will be supported by full-time SBDC staff members Brandon Hennessey, Sheri McGuire and other SBDC contract consultants.

Requirements of Participation

Businesses who do not meet all of the following requirements are still encouraged to apply. They will be offered consulting resources from the SBDC to meet their needs where they are.

  • You desire to grow your business in 2021 and beyond.
  • Your business must be located in Cumberland or Prince Edward County.
  • Your management team is willing to be involved in this process, committing to regular meetings and follow up sessions.
  • The capacity for one member of the management team and at least two employees to be regularly involved in the process and training.
  • Share business information via an initial and follow-up survey to gauge program success, including total sales, employment numbers and capital investment. (This is important and necessary to comply with current and future grant funding support.)
  • Cost:  Free – Courtesy of CARES Act Funding
  • Application Deadline: February 22, 2021

See full program details here.

Application Form