Dr. Kat and Dr. Tess have been together their whole lives. Only ten months apart, the sisters were in the same grade all through school. Their time at Life University was no different — they took every class together. Their mom and dad even joked that they shared a brain cell! They also share a love of helping others achieve better health through chiropractic. Both hold advanced certification in Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique and regularly add to their knowledge and expertise through continuing education programs and professional conferences.

The two sisters contacted the Crater Small Business Development Center (Crater SBDC) right after completing their chiropractic degree. They were seeking assistance with putting together a business plan. Dr. Mayes indicated that with all their medical training business planning was not taught. The Crater SBDC Director worked with the clients teaching them how to put together a sound business plan and financial projections. The business plan was completed along with the financials – both sisters were excited about the accomplishment.

The biggest challenge for this start-up company was obtaining funding. In spite of obstacles, they plowed ahead with the business learning to make use of the resources they had. Within a year, they were able to move the business from their home to a commercial building. The Crater SBDC provided marketing strategies and assisted them with their Open House. Today they are in their new beautiful location. Sales have already increased and their client base has doubled. They currently have a part-time receptionist.

Dr. Kat and Dr. Tess stated “Crater Small Business Development Center worked with us to create an excellent business plan and presented us with the opportunity to sit down with a marketing professional. Although we were unable to obtain financing due to the state of the economy and unwillingness of lenders to work with start-up companies, the Crater SBDC worked diligently to help us by putting us in contact with non-conventional lending resources. They continue to offer support through classes, QuickBooks assistance, and other resources. The Crater SBDC has supported us in many ways, including offering encouragement and words of wisdom when things were not going our way. We are grateful to have access to such a wonderful resource!”

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