Is it possible for small businesses to emerge from the COVID pandemic with customers that are more satisfied and more loyal than before the pandemic struck? In many cases, the answer to this question is yes. This workshop, therefore, offers 10 operational considerations for small businesses to increase the likelihood of success during and following the pandemic. The 10 operational considerations address a variety of small business facets but have a unifying theme: innovation.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Vincent Magnini is the Executive Director of the Institute for Service Research and is also a contract consultant for the Longwood SBDC Network. He was recently ranked as one of the top 12 most prolific hospitality researchers worldwide and holds editorial board appointments on nearly all of the top-ranked hospitality research journals in the field. Further, he is a U.S. Fulbright Scholar. He has published seven books and more than 200 articles and reports. Dr. Magnini has also been featured on National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Things Considered, With Good Reason, Pulse on the Planet and cited in the New York Times and Washington Post.


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